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Alex & Leila Hormozi have an amazing story. They are a total power couple and all around entrepreneurial badasses.

This 55 minute speech will give most of you that pep talk you’ve been looking for.

DO NOT consume the entire speech in one sitting. Instead, open this talk in a tab, listen to a few minutes from this speech each time you need a little dose of motivation… And then send me an email to let me know how much it improved your productivity this week.

Here’s your invitation to live the good life:



Flood your brain with pep talks

  1. Open YouTube every morning this week & while you’re still groggy play “motivational montages” in the background
  2. Download your library’s free audio book app (in the US nearly every library has one) then download a few of the books that I will list below. Do not stop flooding your mind with motivational voices until you are ready to get back on the horse.

Motivational books

  1. The power of positive thinking
  2. You are a badass
  3. Big magic
  4. Awaken the giant within
  5. The subtle art of not giving a f*ck
  6. The 4 hour workweek
  7. Tools of titans
  8. Settle for more


Adi Soozin

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