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Adversity = Opportunity (Part 2)

How do you continue to level up? How do you stay motivated? I have two strategies. I shared one last week. Today I'll share the other. The other strategy is simple. I listen to ten minute motivational talks by Tony…

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Adversity = Opportunity

Our amazing anatomy includes certain components that enable us to quickly level up when faced with adversity. Some people break under pressure, others strategize (this is how). When you are fighting to save the life of your startup, your brain…

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Snap or Strategize

Why is it that when some people come up against a brutal adversary or obstacle, they always manage to come out on top? Everyone else was destroyed. How did they survive and thrive? How do they always survive and thrive?…

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There is a problem

You are reading this because I (or someone else) believe(s) that you are absolutely brilliant. I (or they) need you to know this because there is a problem. This problem is best expressed in the words of Charles Bukowski: “The…

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