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Two weeks ago I was sharing with the CEO of a US bank how I had a panic attack the last time I was struck by an adversary twice my size. He laughed and reminded me that no one reacts well to this. Then he told me the affirmations he recites each morning to quickly return to a clear & calm mind when he is faced by such a beast.

Here they are:

  1. Today is going to be a good day
  2. No matter what happens, something good will come from today because I am going to give 110% and I am going to make sure those around me are set up to be successful with what they do.
  3. I always tell my team that our best days are still ahead of us because they are.

He strongly believes that when you walk into a situation expecting the best possible outcome, you will attract it. When you walk into a situation expecting a horrible outcome, you will attract that too. So it is imperative to remain upbeat.


Adi Soozin

PS: Don’t forget to share this with a friend in need.

PPS: No, I’m not name dropping. I try to avoid namedropping because it attracts fake & very high maintenance friends.

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