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Have you forgotten that you are superman?

When you are running your business in the day-to-day, dodging curve balls and slaying metaphorical fire breathing dragons, this is easy to forget. When you transition from star consultant or employee to CEO you also transition to being the face…

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This Is How to Silence Your Critics

Do you remember when Taylor Swift had a huge blow out with a few other celebrities? Do you remember when Brene Brown got on stage and started her powerful speech with an apology to some haters who made a huge…

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The Epic Motivational Montage

Last week I shared the subtle strategy you can use (looking at motivational quotes) on any device for any amount of time. Now, I’ll share the second strategy. It is less subtle and may require headphones (depending on where you…

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How to Make Your Customers Your Muse

A few years ago I was at a tech conference in San Francisco when I overheard two of the keynote speakers talking. One was a venture capitalist (VC) & the other a successful startup founder. The founder said something to…

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