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Hello, my name is Adi.

I am the President of Molo9 Incorporated. It is a marketing tool used by 1000s of marketers & agencies across 59 countries.

I have worked as a revenue marketer (aka: hyper-growth strategist, growth hacker, organic marketer)since 2009.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Medicinal & Biological Chemistry & an MBA. This is probably why I view marketing a bit differently & solve problems in ways that others don’t think of.

Thanks to endless hours of obsessively studying & testing new marketing ideas, I now have a solid track record of creating revenue generating marketing solutions for both Fortune 500s and start-ups across the US, LatAm & Europe.

As of now, the fastest growing company I have worked on growth strategies for, grew from “idea on paper”, to $108,757,750 in sales within four years. By its seventh year, this company closed more than a quarter billion in sales.

A few of the biggest names I’ve worked with include: Porsche, Whole Foods, Target, Disney & Apple.

In my free time I like to talk about: international travel, sailing, neurobiology & biohacking.

I believe that …

Societal changes are born in the startup ecosystem.

If you have faith that the future of humanity can be greater than our present, join the next generation of startups bringing about those changes.

If someone tells you that you cannot achieve a goal, walk away.

Surround yourself with people who believe in you.

You only need to find one great mentor, one customer, one investor, one advisor, one key person to help you reach your next goal.

Are you looking for my origin story?

What did you want to be when you were a child? When I was 8 my life was fully planned out for me. Like my father, grandfather, uncle & cousin I would study architecture and join the family business as a third generation commercial architect. At the age of 19 my father had been requested, by name, by GAP to design their new building on a main highway just outside of NYC so I had very big footsteps to follow. I began attending board meetings and visiting job sites with my father before my tenth birthday.

Then the housing crisis hit. When I entered my junior year of high school and it was time for me to begin applying to colleges the housing crisis had already hit the commercial real estate development industry and my father, told me that I could study anything but architecture. So I joined the journey that so many my age follow, and began visiting different types of schools, completely unsure of what I would study where I would end up.

To give me a little bit of motivation, my grandfather changed the conditions of the trust fund that was to be used to pay for my college. I had to I study medicine, law or business at a school that my mother chose. My mother loved Palm Beach and that is how I ended up so far from NYC, the epicenter of my young life.

As I met the students who had chosen each of the three majors I was to choose from, it became clear to me that those studying biochemistry were my tribe. They could’ve had the “work hard, play harder” mantra tattooed on their arms. They were intelligent, fit, focused and loved to have fun while also prioritizing their health, which was rare for a group of teens who had never seen alcohol before.

When the recession hit, the money that was supposed to be paying for my tuition room and board was all in bank stocks, which became worthless overnight.

I had to make a decision. I had to either drop out, or work four different jobs to fund my final years of school. I worked in a biochem lab, tutored, babysat and waitressed. Then my mentor handed me a flyer that would change my life forever.

As she slid the flyer across her desk she said, “You need to get over your irrational fear of building friendships with women.” The flyer was requesting volunteers for a fashion show. As a third generation model, raised in the suburbs of NYC I had a bit of experience on my side.

So I responded to the call for volunteers. By the day of the fashion show, I had built a relationship with the founder and I was her default model. As a retired professional ballerina, I had the exact figure that she was looking for and she would make her dresses on me instead of a mannequin. This way, if a model dropped out, she knew I could jump in and walk the runway as many times as was needed.

Remember when I told you that I started attending meetings with my father before the age of 10? Well, I would use this time she spent making dresses on me, to talk about the business side of things and pitch my ideas. She loved it and started taking business meetings while she made dresses, so we could hit two birds with one stone. Over time, I got to learn more about her strategic partners and prospective investors.

What the members of these meetings didn’t know is that I came from the suburbs of NYC where children, have “street smarts” (aka hyper vigilance) baked into them from an early age. While they were focused on speaking with the designer, I had the freedom to analyze their body language and tone. After each meeting, we would discuss what I noticed.

After one such meeting I pointed out that the prospective partner was lining her up to be a victim of intellectual property theft. Less than two weeks later she called to let me know that my prediction was right. When the designer stopped her attempt to steal the intellectual property, the woman went manic and went so far as to trash the front lawn of her private residence.

As she trashed her front lawn she screamed that the designer had: no vision, no business sense and no idea on how to properly grow this into a successful company.

After this, I was invited to every meeting, not as a silent mannequin but as a professionally dressed strategic advisor.

With this promotion, my first move was to put into place systems, so that behind the scenes, the fashion shows ran like clockwork. With timesheets & schedules for everyone from the makeup artists to the body guards. While I streamlined processes and focused on protecting Kirsten from more bad actors, she was able to focus on providing incredible work for larger and larger strategic partners, until we landed projects with Disney and Target.

Little did I know that one flyer, one modeling gig, one intervention, would turn my life in a completely different direction.

After this, Kirsten made sure that news of my early successes, spread across our college campus like wildfire. Before long all of Kirsten‘s friends had circulated the story of how I helped her to not only save her business from intellectual property theft, but to streamline the processes, and grow it into the vision, she had dreamed of.

To this day, I love opportunities to work with health, fitness, fashion & luxury brands.

This startup experience led me to be hired to run an Apple SIS in northern Italy. After I successfully doubled sales within one year using 100% free marketing tactics, the Regional Head (of Western Europe) flew to Italy to see what I was doing so that he could direct his other Apple SIS managers to replicate my strategies throughout all of our European locations. This added software, luxury goods, retail, electronic goods & consumer goods startups to the list of founders calling me to help grow their businesses.

This experience also led IE Business School to accept my application to pursue my MBA at their gorgeous campus in Madrid, Spain. Here I secured one of four coveted positions as a Venture Network Fellow and that whirlwind experience turned my natural knack for marketing into a super power you can read about below.

HERE are before & after shots of some of the companies that I have worked with.

If you’d like to see all of my career highlights, you can click here to read them now .

Scroll down to read testimonials from those who have worked with me.

A brief history


I managed operations and two teams through the rapid growth phase for a guerilla marketing company which worked with: Porsche, Whole Foods, Target, Disney.

During this time, I worked closely with CEO to grow fashion show promotional products by 146%


From mid 2012-2013 I worked as the Apple Sales Rep at an Apple SIS in Vicenza, Italy. During this time, I implemented a social media strategy in conjunction with an incentive plan for the sales force. This lead sales to double within 12 months. Due to this success, my social media strategy was replicated across all Apple SIS-locations across Western Europe.


In 2014 I used my connections & reputation as a model, to help an e-commerce store sell 40% of it’s retail inventory opening day.

2015-Part 1

In 2015 I was awarded the Venture Network Fellowship and completed my International MBA at IE Business School.

2015 – Part 2

In 2015 I didn’t sleep…just kidding, #bnr because this year I also used everything I learned at IE, to help my Mom’s newest Real Estate Group to close more than $13,000,000 in sales.


In 2016 I helped a brand new startup to increase sales by 4300% in less than 9 weeks & a Silicon Valley based “hacker house” to reach maximum capacity in less than 3 months.


In 2017 the CEO of a company I had completed marketing strategy work for, asked me to co-found a startup called The Million Dollar Pineapple.


In 2018 my co-founder left after we experienced a brutal cyber security attack & I grew my team to cover every time zone. This is the year that I also helped the Coastal Living Real Estate Group close more than $39,000,000 in annual sales.


In 2019 my team grew to 50+ freelancers & contractors. With this team I grew a 5-year-old startup to more than $100,000,000 in gross sales & launched a podcast that is now playing in 36 countries.


In September 2020 I published 5 of my playbooks to a More than 300 people subscribed to the new platform within 6 weeks.

2021 – Present

I learned a few computer programming languages and launched Molo9’s™ software.

What’s next?

People usually start with THE Ultimate Growth Checklist. Let me know where to send your copy:


Adi is consistently using new growth hacks before 99% of the population knows they exist. She leverages new developments, tools and strategies, six to eighteen months before they appear in the ‘top 5 things to know’ Medium articles written by ‘cutting-edge’ digital marketing gurus.

Asher Breverman

Product Director, MySpine

Adi’s internet & social media marketing skills are truly amazing! I suspect that she has secretly come into possession of Aladdin’s Lamp.

Jerry Levey

President at Nourmandy Franchise Consulting Specialists

We entered a highly competitive market with a projected chance of failure at 90%. Working with Adi, we launched to #1 in our town our first year and expanded to be #10 in the county by 2018.

Bonnie Wells

Broker at Coastal Living Real Estate Group, LLC

A few hours with Adi helped me refine our overall strategy for all our marketing assets. We reviewed the website, our product, and different social media platforms. She provided a series of resources and strategies that are priceless. We are already seeing results from the suggestions we have implemented and have a list of things to do still, which is exciting. I think meeting with Adi should be done on a regular basis because the details from her decade of seeing results, that makes all the difference.

Olivia Ramos

CEO, Deepblocks

Adi guided our startup project from the very inception to the moment when we successfully passed the pilot phase and set for further growth. Adi is an amazing growth-hacker familiar with bootstrapped and self-funded projects: under her guidance we maxed out our productivity and achieved targets in a matter of months. We wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t have her support. Totally recommend as a business growth guru.

Maria Sirotkina

Founder, ReStation

Adi has been one of my go-to growth hackers & advisors since we first met in Mountain View, CA in 2016. Here she helped me to quickly grow a real estate investment venture using her growth hacking framework. When we were starting our latest venture, I reached out to get her take on a few things before making decisions on how and where to pivot. In a 30 minute call Adi helped us to identify which of the opportunities would be most profitable and require the lowest initial capital investment. From here she helped us to (1) refine our value proposition & pitch, (2) identify the decision makers within our qualified & available market, and (3) define the operational process we could use & advertise so that we could (4) charge exponentially more for our services.

Katy Levinson

Co-Founder at Stealth Mode Startup

Adi is a reliable, passionate and innovative growth hacker. In her time with GaltGrid, she not only developed the marketing plan and helped with investor relations, she also helped develop the team and the company. Through her insight and experience, Adi helped every person on the team grow and be as productive as possible. Despite the eventual failure of the company, Adi worked hard and helped in every way she could; even when morale was at its lowest. GaltGrid would not have gotten as far without her ability to grow companies, people and plans – as well as her ability to execute. Adi is a valuable asset to any company looking to learn and build.

Jeff Boman

Co-Founder, GaltGrid

Are you looking for THE book?

The Indispensable Guide to Growth Hacking:

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Learn from an exclusive group of the best growth hackers in the world.

This book contains first-hand accounts and use cases from founders

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I volunteer with…

IE Business School

Venture Lab Alumni Board Member

IE’s Virtual Venture Lab is a 9 week acceleration program designed to support early-stage companies leveraging IE Business School’s methodologies in mentorship and expertise in international business. The program is specifically designed for founders with international aspirations.

Endeavor Miami

Endeavor Startup Mentor

Endeavor is leading the high-impact entrepreneurship movement in South Florida and beyond. Endeavor connects startups with mentors for 1-4, 1 hour sessions. These are the companies in the Endeavor portfolio, that I have mentored:

O-Lab : April 26, 2023

BNY : Dec 1, 2022

OKY : Nov 17, 2022

Journey : Nov 4 – Dec 2, 2022

Storybook : Oct 7 – Nov 4, 2021

Finconecta : April 6, 2021

OnPost : March 24 – May 14, 2021

Unified Hints : February 4 -25, 2021

Luxe Fête : July 30 – August 13, 2020


There are always questions about this…so yes, here are some of the photos from when I modeled in Europe.

I did it to make my mother happy. 99% of the time it was boring. 1% of the time I got to work with very fun & funny photographers who were a total blast to travel (from location to location) with.



Here are some of my acrylic paintings. I have yet to photograph my charcoal sketches & watercolor paintings.

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