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In one sentence: I have 11 years of experience in growth marketing & new venture development.

My next goal is to grow a startup to unicorn status.

Here is my formal summary:
Experienced revenue growth strategist with a track record of creating solutions for complex business problems at both Fortune 500 and start-up organizations in domestic and global markets. Skilled in Revenue & Profit Growth, Marketing Strategy & Digital Community Development, National & International Expansion, Guerrilla Marketing and Growth Hacking. Key differentiators include unparalleled energy and passion for startup growth, balanced with a meticulous and resourceful work ethic.

Adi Pineapple - the fastest growth hacker

I volunteer with ...

Endeavor Miami

Endeavor Startup Mentor

Endeavor is leading the high-impact entrepreneurship movement in South Florida and beyond. 


Startup Mentor

Startup FIU fosters and develops entrepreneurship and innovation to pursue opportunities at FIU, in Miami, and around the world.

Global Venture Catalyst

Startup Mentor

GVC is for technology-focused undergraduates, MBA students, and experienced mentors to connect and pursue new ventures and corporate opportunities.

IE Business School

Venture Lab Alumni Board Member

IE’s Virtual Venture Lab is a 9 week acceleration program designed to support early-stage companies leveraging IE Business School’s methodologies in mentorship and expertise in international business. The program is specifically designed for founders with international aspirations.

I currently work on and at ....


The Marketing Consulting Firm behind some of the fastest growing startups of the 21st century. Are you ready to see how fast your company can grow with MD9?


How am I involved?

As the the founder I….

-Manage a remote international team of 50+ contractors, using well-defined internal processes to maintain timely completion of deliverables.
-Design and implement strategic marketing plans to increase geo-specific brand awareness and customer acquisition for a 5 year old startup, leading them to close $108,000,000+ in sales.
-Built customized automated work-flows to increase organic reach of social media posts by more than 1000% on 8 different social media platforms.
-Compose reports for executive level management to review progress and efficiently approve priorities, and future strategies.


Become your own growth & marketing consultant with the help of Molo9™. Are you ready to see how fast your company can grow with Molo9™?


How am I involved?

– Built Molo9™ from the ground up.
– Grew the user base to more than 300 users within 6 weeks of launching Molo9™ (while simultaneously learning to code & deploy each new feature).

The Million Dollar Pineapple™

At The Million Dollar Pineapple™ we pride ourselves in the ever growing number of solutions that we are able to develop for startup founders like you.


How am I involved?

Within three years of opening the metaphorical doors, I grew The Million Dollar Pineapple™ to four brand lines powered by a team of more than 50 contractors & freelancers based around the world.


Resources, guides & playbooks designed for your ambitious mind. 


How am I involved?

I write most of the content published here.


A conversational showcase of high performing professionals, investors, athletes and thought leaders from around the globe. Hosted by Adi of MD9.


How am I involved?

I select the brilliant minds to interview and host the show. My team then edits & transcribes each episode.

Here are a few nice things people have said about working with me

A brief history


In 2014 I used my connections & reputation as an EU based model, to help an e-commerce store sell 40% of the inventory opening day.


In 2015 I was awarded the Venture Network Fellowship and completed my International MBA at IE Business School.


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Work with me

Meet with Adi - Day(s)

  1. 1 month of access to your customized MD9 client portal
  2. 1 month of access to MD9's exclusive Client Resources Portal
  3. 3 days of in-person meetings or video calls with Adi Soozin, each day includes 3-2 hour sessions.

Meet with Adi & Molo9™

  1. 1 month of access to your customized MD9 client portal
  2. 2 -1 hour video calls with Adi Soozin
  3. 4 weeks of unlimited access to Molo9™ & Molo9™’s Courses
  4. 4 weeks of unlimited access to the MD9™ Client Course
  5. 4 weeks of unlimited access to the MD9™ Glossary
  6. 4 weeks of unlimited access to the Adi’s Directory of Tools & Resources
  7. Lifetime access to the MD9™ Telegram Channel
  8. Lifetime access to the MD9™ Facebook Group
  9. A lifetime subscription to The Pineapple Report™

Meet with Adi - Hour(s)

  1. 1 month of access to your customized MD9 client portal
  2. 1 month of access to MD9's exclusive Client Resources Portal
  3. 1 hour video conference with Adi Soozin


Interested in having me speak at your event?

Get in touch via the contact form below & a member of my team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Click the images below to access my free & freemium resources


For the past few years we have been using a “black box” at MD9™, it helps us quickly find & implement the best growth tactics for each client we work with. We call her Molo9™.

Molo9™ has enabled us to quickly guide founders to achieve blizt-scaling results over and over and over again & she is now accessible via subscription.

MD9™ Events & Workshops

All of my workshops are about new venture development, marketing strategy & growth hacking, if those are topics that interest you checkout upcoming events, videos & recordings here.

The Pineapple Report™

A few times each month we, at The Million Dollar Pineapple™, send out our new favorite marketing resource recommendations to keep you in the know. Sign up below

The 9×90™ Show

I find amazing people living “the dream” and ask them how they got to where they are now via the 9×90™ show which is now playing on 14 platforms in 36 countries.


The greatest battle in the startup world, is the one that takes place in your own mind. 9apple™ offers free resources, guides & playbooks specifically for the ambitious mind.

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