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Hello, I’m Adi.

Who am I & why do people like my strategies?

  1. I started my career with a guerrilla marketing company in 2009. It was here that I first learned about the fast paced world of marketing when I worked with my boss on projects for Porsche, Whole Foods, Target & Disney.
  2. After this, I was selected to manage Apple sales on a NATO base in northern Italy. I doubled sales within 12 months, which is why my boss documented my strategies and had them replicated across all of our locations in Western Europe.
  3. This success led me to be accepted into IE Business School’s International MBA program, applying what I learned to my mother’s new business, we were able to turn her dream into a hyper-growth startup. Within five years, her business idea passed $108,000,000 USD in sales. By it’s 7th year this young, bootstrapped company passed a quarter-billion in sales.
  4. This is why my strategies and playbooks are used by marketers & agencies throughout 59 countries.
  5. This is probably also why I was recently selected to write the new growth marketing textbook for Fortune 1000 marketing departments.
  6. My hobbies include: international travel, sailing, skiing, surfing, classical ballet, neurobiology & biohacking.

Here are a few other things about me:

  1. Thanks to endless hours of obsessively studying & testing new marketing ideas, I now have a solid track record of creating revenue generating marketing solutions for both Fortune 500s and start-ups across the US, LatAm & Europe.
  2. I have a bachelor’s degree in Medicinal & Biological Chemistry from PBAU & an MBA from IE Business School. This is probably why I view marketing a bit differently & solve problems in ways that others don’t think of.
  3. I am a retired professional athlete & retired international model.
  4. I collect philosophy books from the 1800’s & children’s books (from the 1990s).
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My Career Highlights


I managed operations and two teams through the rapid growth phase for a guerrilla marketing company. We worked with: Porsche, Whole Foods, Target & Disney.

During this time, I worked closely with CEO to grow promotional productions by 146%.


From mid 2012-2013 I worked as the Apple Sales Rep at an Apple SIS in Vicenza, Italy. Here I implemented a guerrilla marketing strategy, social media strategy and sales force incentive plan that lead sales to double within 12 months. Due to this success, my strategies were replicated across all Apple SIS-locations throughout Western Europe.


In 2014 I leveraged my connections & reputation as an international model, to create a hype campaign that lead a luxury fashion store to sell 40% of it’s inventory opening day.

2015-Part 1

In 2015 I was awarded the highly sought after Venture Network Fellowship and earned my International MBA at IE Business School.

2015 – Part 2

In 2015 I didn’t sleep…just kidding, #bnr because this year I also used everything I learned at IE, to help my Mom’s newest Real Estate Group to close more than $13,000,000 in sales.


In 2016 I helped a brand new Spanish fashion startup to increase sales by 4300% & expand internationally in less than nine weeks.

Then I helped a Silicon Valley based “hacker house” to reach maximum capacity in less than three months.


In 2017 the CEO of an alternative energy company that I had completed a marketing strategy for, asked me to co-found a startup called The Million Dollar Pineapple.


In 2018 my co-founder left after we experienced a series of brutal cyber security attacks. I flew to Israel to learn how to never let this happen again, then I grew my team to 50 contractors in time zone.

This year I also helped the Coastal Living Real Estate Group close more than $39,000,000 in sales.


In 2019 I launched a podcast whose audience quickly expanded to 36 countries.

I also helped to grow my mother’s startup to more than $108,000,000 in total sales (we talk about this experience on the 9×90™ podcast).


In September 2020 I published 5 of my playbooks to a

More than 300 people subscribed to Molo9™ within 6 weeks.

2021 – Present

I learned a few computer programming languages and launched Molo9’s™ software & project portal.

1000’s of marketers & business owners in 59 countries now use Molo9’s™ Marketing Brain to find their next winning marketing strategy.

What’s next?

People usually start with THE Ultimate Growth Checklist. Let me know where to send your copy:


& Tales of the Making Marketing Magic

Adi is consistently using new growth hacks before 99% of the population knows they exist. She leverages new developments, tools and strategies, six to eighteen months before they appear in the ‘top 5 things to know’ Medium articles written by ‘cutting-edge’ digital marketing gurus.

Asher Breverman

Product Director, MySpine

If I could only tell you one thing it would be this…

Your ultimate goal should be to surround yourself with people who believe in you, one step at a time.

If someone tells you that you cannot achieve a goal, walk away.

You only need to find one great mentor, one customer, one investor, one advisor, one key person to help you reach your next goal.

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Do you need my help?

Are you looking for my

“origin story”?

What did you want to be when you were a child? When I was 8 my life was fully planned out for me. Like my father, grandfather, uncle & cousin I would study architecture and join the family business as a third generation commercial architect.

At the age of 19 my father had been requested, by name, by GAP to design their new building on a main highway just outside of NYC. To say I had big shoes to fill would be a massive understatement. I began attending board meetings and visiting construction sites with my father before my tenth birthday.

Then the housing crisis hit. When I entered my junior year of high school and it was time for me to begin applying to colleges the housing crisis had already hit the commercial real estate development space and my father, told me that I could study anything but architecture. So I joined the journey that so many my age follow, and began visiting different types of schools, completely unsure of what I would study and where I would end up.

To give me a little bit of motivation, my grandfather changed the conditions of my trust fund. In order to use it to pay for my tuition, I had to I study medicine, law or business at a school that my mother chose. My mother loved Palm Beach and that is how I ended up so far from NYC, the epicenter of my life.

As I met the students who had chosen each of the three majors I was to choose from, it became clear to me that those studying biochemistry were my tribe. They could’ve had the “work hard, play harder” mantra tattooed on their bodies. They were intelligent, fit, focused and loved to have fun while also prioritizing their health, which was rare for a group of teens tasting freedom for the first time.

When the recession hit, the money that was supposed to be paying for my tuition, room and board was all in bank stocks, which became worthless overnight.

I had to make a decision. I had to either drop out, or work four different odd jobs to fund my final years of school.

I worked in a biochem lab, tutored, babysat and waitressed. Then my mentor handed me a flyer that would change my life forever. A guerrilla marketing company was hiring…

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