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This is the introduction to chapter 3 of Adi Soozin’s new growth hacking book. 

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Chapter 3 Introduction

In the last chapter, we discovered how you can protect your company from copycat competitors so that your projects lead to unencumbered long term career successes. We also learned how to use personas to strengthen your marketing team’s productivity, and how to use SWOT analysis to continually spot new opportunities to create marketing magic. 

With your newly built, firm foundation securely in place, we are now almost ready to create something truly monumental. There is just one thing standing between you and your first career-altering, jaw-dropping, and utterly breath-taking marketing masterpiece. Do you know what that is? It is buy-in from decision makers.  

Without their support your next brilliant idea is dead in the water. We have all experienced it at one point or another within our careers. Some decision makers love what we do and support every project we propose, while other decision makers block every project proposal that we present. The “blockers” all have their reasons; some of them fair and logical, others completely unfair, corrupt and / or illogical. Is there a way to handle these types of blockers so that they don’t wreck your career?  

There is one subtle yet profoundly powerful persuasion trick that we can use to present marketing project proposals so that they ignite unbridled enthusiasm and support. In this chapter I want to teach you exactly how to structure and use the subtle art of strategic goal selection and presentation to skyrocket your project approval ratings 

  • This chapter is for those of you who have experienced obstacles and blockers when you pitch a marketing project to decision-makers.  
  • This chapter is for those of you who have presented a project to your team and seen, a room full of bored faces; indicating that no one is excited to work on the project and the results will therefore most likely be horrendous #nightmare. 
  • This chapter is for those of you, who have not yet worked on a marketing project that made a huge impact on your career.  

In this chapter, I am going to walk you through the exact goal setting process that I use to ignite enthusiasm in both decision-makers and team members. By the end of this chapter, you should know exactly how to present every future marketing project in a way that continually ignites enthusiasm across-the-board; from decision-makers to junior team members.  

While I have a very specific process that I use, I know that for some of you this is a completely new topic. Some of you may have never been the one that executives call and confide in, when they are deeply worried about a huge company problem. Some of you may have never been the one in the meeting room, deciding what the company’s next goal is. Some of you may have never been the one that crafts the profoundly powerful elevator pitch that excites decision-makers.  

To catch you up to speed with everyone who has had at least one or some of those experiences, I have brought in friends who have worked in multiple niches from “Big-Tech” to the Fortune 500s, and even the illustrious world of private equity. Through their stories you will see how the powerfully persuasive goal-setting process works at multiple companies in different industries around the world. 

They will not only share with you what their goal-setting process looks like, but also what the results were for the projects they’ve told you about. Some of them will share instructions with you, for how to follow their processes, others will just share high level stories with you. The goal here is for you to see several different ways of doing things based on the different resources and obstacles presented to each of them.  

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