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Hello :)

I’m Adi Soozin, the founder of Molo9, host of 9×90 (a podcast that showcases the stories of high performers from the startup ecosystem), consultant at MD9 and the mother of two adorable kids.

I believe that societal changes are born in the startup ecosystem.

If you have faith that the future of humanity can be greater than our present, you should want to help the next generation of startups to be successful in bringing about those changes.

If someone tells you that you cannot achieve a goal, walk away. Surround yourself with people who believe in you. You only need to find one great mentor, one customer, one investor, one advisor, one key person to help you reach your next goal.

What else do we have in common? Here are a few of my favorite things:

  • Favorite snacks: a Peanut Butter & Strawberry Jelly sandwich paired with a cold glass of A2 Whole Milk (when I’m entering a relaxed mental state) or Wasabi covered almonds (if it’s mid-work day).
  • Favorite books: Big Magic, Atlas Shrugged, Fahrenheit 451 & Book Lovers.
  • Favorite movie: About Time (2013).
  • Favorite song: At Wit’s End by Hans Zimmer & Superman by Armin van Buuren.
  • Favorite cocktails: Old Fashioned, Mojito, Margarita.
  • Favorite whiskey: Laphroaig (when I need to force myself to “unplug”) & Maker’s Mark with a cinnamon stick (when I’m at a networking event).

If we ever meet at a networking event, I love to talk about:

  • international travel (I have been to more than 47 countries)
  • marketing
  • biohacking
  • psychology & more specifically: neuroplasticity

If you are on this page, I’m going to guess that you’d like to know more about my professional background. Below is a quick summary of my career highlights.

Family Photo (2018)

Adi Pineapple - the fastest growth hacker

Professional headshot

A brief history


In 2014 I used my connections & reputation as an EU based model, to help an e-commerce store sell 40% of the inventory opening day.

2015 - Part 1

In 2015 I was awarded the Venture Network Fellowship and completed my International MBA at IE Business School.


In September 2020 I published 5 of my playbooks to a More than 300 people subscribed to the new platform within 6 weeks.

If You Need Me, Call Me

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Here’s my “origin story” for those who want to know it…

When I was in college the 2008 recession hit. My parents followed the advice of a business consultant and friend. This “friend” used their faith in him to funnel ALL of their assets (from money & office equipment, to family heirlooms & the house) into his personal coffers.  At this time, I was studying to complete my Bachelor’s Degree in Medicinal & Biological Chemistry.

In response to the recession, many of my friends began creating side hustles to pay their way through college degrees that were no longer affordable for their parents.  One of the side-hustles that I grabbed was working nights & weekends for a local startup. I did not realize how much valuable knowledge I had accumulated growing up with two small business owners for parents, until I saved the CEO of this startup from an intellectual property thief.

After this, my boss invited me to work alongside her on projects with Porsche, Whole Foods, Target & Disney.  This startup’s success led my college friends to ask for help with growing their own startup ideas.  What started as a side-gig, turned out to be the launch pad for my life-long career in marketing.

This startup experience led me to be hired to run an Apple SIS in northern Italy.  After I successfully doubled sales within one year (without increasing the marketing budget by so much as $1), the Regional Head (of Western Europe) flew to Italy to see what I was doing so that he could direct his other Apple SIS managers to replicate my strategies throughout all of our European locations.

This experience led IE Business School to accept my application to pursue my MBA at their gorgeous campus in Madrid, Spain. At every milestone I have been very lucky to have a mentor materialize and tell me where my skills can be used for the greatest good.

While at IE Business School, I secured one of four coveted positions as a Venture Network Fellow and that whirlwind experience turned my natural knack for marketing into a super power you can read about above.

Here are a few nice things people have said about working with me

I volunteer with ...

Endeavor Miami

Endeavor Startup Mentor

Endeavor is leading the high-impact entrepreneurship movement in South Florida and beyond. Endeavor connects startups with mentors for 1-4, 1 hour sessions. These are the companies in the Endeavor portfolio, that I have mentored:

O-Lab : April 26, 2023

BNY : Dec 1, 2022

OKY : Nov 17, 2022

Journey : Nov 4 – Dec 2, 2022

Storybook : Oct 7 – Nov 4, 2021

Finconecta : April 6, 2021

OnPost : March 24 – May 14, 2021

Unified Hints : February 4 -25, 2021

Luxe Fête : July 30 – August 13, 2020

IE Business School

Venture Lab Alumni Board Member

IE’s Virtual Venture Lab is a 9 week acceleration program designed to support early-stage companies leveraging IE Business School’s methodologies in mentorship and expertise in international business. The program is specifically designed for founders with international aspirations.

I currently work on and at ....

More than 2,800 marketing agencies, advisors & consultants have used Molo9™ to take the guesswork out of their marketing projects.


How am I involved?

– Built Molo9™ from the ground up.
– Grew the user base, while simultaneously learning to code & deploy each new feature.

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