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As a growing startup with multiple revenue streams, we accept paid advertising and use affiliate links in our free resources and templates.  Here’s an overview of our different sources of income (not related to client services) for the sake of transparency.


Our team hand selects advertisements for this website’s free resources and templates.  We only accept advertising for products and services that we believe our readers will benefit from.


If we run a paid editorial/advertorial on this website (e.g. if a brand is paying for a piece of content) this will be clearly marked.  We only accept paid content that is high quality, and that we believe our readers will benefit from.


Some outbound links on this site are tracked by merchants (such as Commission Junction etc) who pay us a small commission on sales that come as a result of visitors clicking from this website.  You’ll find this is common practice on a many websites, including blogs, magazines and large news sites.  The commission paid is at NO EXTRA COST TO YOU as the buyer, the price is always the same whether you use our link or not. You can read more about these ‘affiliate’ links in the cookie policy above.  You can also find out how to turn off cookies on that page.We earn affiliate revenue through a few networks.  This is NOT an exhaustive list:

  • Commission Junction


Our team may, on occasion, offer consulting advisory work to clients. The terms and conditions of which are outlined on and MD9’s legal document section of their website.


If we are paid to review a product or piece of software, or given a product or piece of software for free in exchange for a review, we will always disclose this first and foremost.  We will always give our candid, honest opinions.  We do not agree to review a product or service where we cannot give our honest opinion. If you would like to learn more about affiliate marketing, we recommend checking out the

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